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Sawdust Symphony

Michael Zandl | David Eisele | Kolja Huneck



Craftsmanship confronting circus.


Sawdust Symphony is a circus performance in which Michael Zandl, David Eisele and Kolja Huneck combine their passion for crafting, fresh wood and object manipulation.


This piece talks about the human desire to create: the process from vision to construction, the tragedy of work and the relationship between tools and humans. Obsessed characters discover and transform their space and themselves to take the spectator into a unique DIY experience.


Sawdust Symphony is an intense dialogue between satisfaction, frustration and the smell of gasoline.




_DSC4406_Sawdust Symphony_photo by Jona Harnischmacher.jpeg

"Sawdust Symphony is unique; I have not seen anything like it on stage, in the circus ring or anywhere else. There were echoes of Dada, Samuel Beckett and even Alien but there were moments of breathtaking brilliance, inspired originality and astounding wit. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant."

Arts Talk Magazine


"The piece Sawdust Symphony is a sublime example of how visual, enchanting and meaningful contemporary circus theatre can be."

Annette Embrechts - de Volkskrant


"The circus- and theatrical performance of the trio is phenomenal, stunning.
We want to see more of this world of magical illusions!"

KULTUR - Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft


"With their piece, the three circus artists symbolized the collaboration between people and nature. A symbiosis that couldn't be more beautiful!"

Vorarlberg Online



"Sawdust Symphony is the proof that circus deserves

a prominent place in the theatres."

Elisabeth Oosterling - NRC


"Sawdust Symphony was so alienating, bizarre, elusive and surprising that I won't soon forget it."

Kees Bakker - FlevoPost




upcoming dates

13.-25.08.2024, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (GB-SCT)
05.-08.09.2024, at.tension Lärz (DE)
10.10.2024 Konzert Theater Coesfeld (DE)
12.10.2024 Verkadefabriek Den Bosch (NL)

19.10.2024 FILharmonie Filderstadt (DE)
22.10.2024 Burghof Lörrach (DE)

26. & 27.10.2024, wunder. Figurentheaterfestival München (DE)

2. & 3.11.2024, Zirkusquartier Zürich (CH)

past dates

22. & 23.05.2024, Festival PERSPECTIVES Saarbrücken (DE)
18.-20.05.2024, CircusDanceFestival Cologne (DE)

19. & 20.04.2024, Dynamo Odense (DK)
29. & 30.03.2024, UP Festival Brussels (BE)
23. & 24.02.2024, Trafó Budapest (HU)

26. & 27.01.2024, Westflügel Leipzig (DE)

24.01.2024, Theater De Maagd, Bergen op Zoom (NL)
21.12.2023, Taqa Theater Alkmaar (NL)

20.12.2023, Schouwburg Deventer (NL)

19.12.2023, De Warande Turnhout (BE)

17.12.2023, VU Griffioen Amsterdam (NL)

16.12.2023, Lux Nijmegen (NL)

14.12.2023, CC Zwaneberg, Heist op den Berg (BE)

12.12.2023, Parktheater Eindhoven (NL)

10.12.2023, Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen (NL)
08.12.2023, Latitude 50 Marchin (BE)
03.12.2023, De Ploter Ternat (BE)
02.12.2023, Schouwburg Amstelveen (NL)
01.12.2023, cultuurcentrum Casino Koksijde (BE)
29.11.2023, Harmonie Leeuwarden (NL)
17. & 18.11.2023, Dynamo Odense (DK) (rescheduled to April 2024)

15.11.2023, GRØNNEGADES KASERNE KULTURCENTER Næstved (DK) (rescheduled to April 2024)

14.11.2023, Baltoppen LIVE Ballerup (DK) (cancelled)
07.10.2023, Jacksons Lane London (UK)
04. & 05.10.2023, Circus City Bristol (UK)
31.08. & 01.09.2023, CIRCUSBENDE Festival Amsterdam (NL)

24.03.2023, SCENAR!O Festival Eupen (BE)

15.03.2023, Chassée Theater Breda (NL)

04.03.2023, Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten (NL)

02.03.2023, Schuur, Haarlem (NL)
25. & 26.02.2023, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam (NL)
23.02.2023, SPOT Groningen (NL)
10.02.2023, Schouwburg/Theater Rotterdam (NL)
03.02.2023, Flottmannhallen Herne (DE)

01.02.2023, CC Brugge (BE)

15.01.2023, This is not a circus, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam (NL)
21. & 22.12.2022, CC30 Leuven (BE)
09.-16.12.2022, Winterfest Salzburg (AT)
17.11.2022, Maaspodium Rotterdam (NL)
09.10.2022, VITRINE PERPLX #3, Kortrijk (BE)
24. & 25.09.2022, Circus Festival Breda (NL)
15. & 16.09.2022, Atoll Festival, Karlsruhe (DE)
02. & 03.09.2022, Krapoldi im Park, Innsbruck (AT)
27.07.2022, Festival Brocante, Frisanco (IT)
23.07.2022, Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße (AT)
18. & 19.07.2022, Miramiro Festival, Ghent (BE)

15.07.2022, Kulturgut Wintrup, Steinheim (DE)
02.07.2022, Wijland Festival, Wisentbos - Dronten (NL)

08. & 09.06.2022, Furies Festival, Châlons-en-Champagne (FR)

06. & 07.05.2022, Circusstad Festival Rotterdam (NL)

22.04.2022, Theater ins Blau, Leiden (NL)

08.04.2022, Festival Rencontre des Jonglages, 93120 La Courneuve (FR)
05.04.2022, Agora/Scène Nationale de l'Essonne, 91000 Évry (FR)
01.04.2022, Espace Germinal, 95470 Fosses (FR)
30.03.2022, De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort (NL)
29.03.2022, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam (NL)
28.01.2022, Podium Hoge Woerd, Utrecht (NL)
17. & 18.12 2021, Théâtre Jean-Arp, 92140 Clamart (FR)
03. & 04.11.2021, Theater op de Markt, Dommelhof Neerpelt (BE)

24. & 25.09.2021, PREMIERE, Korzo Theatre Den Haag (NL)

09. & 10.09.2021, PRE-PREMIERE, Freundenhaus Lustenau (AT)



Michael Zandl, David Eisele and Kolja Huneck graduated 2017, 2018 and 2019 from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam and became good friends with complementing artistic approaches. Through the process of creating their individual solo pieces 'Janus', 'Cycle' and 'CM_30', Michael, David and Kolja discovered their passion for building and crafting. This is what brings them together to create as a collective.


Michael Zandl

Michael Zandl is a circus creator and performer from Austria and graduated from Codarts Circus Artsin Rotterdam in 2017.
His work reflects his passion for absurd situations and subtle humor. He finds these tools a powerful source of expression.
Technical intricacies and special effects are at the rendezvous of his shows. Building the scenography, props and illusions by himself is a full-fledged part of his creation process.
In 2021 Michael started as a house choreographer of Korzo Theatre in Den Haag and is currently touring Sawdust Symphony and his solo piece Janus.


David Eisele

David Eisele grew up at the black forest near Freiburg, Germany. He is an energetic person with a minimalistic lifestyle. The passion to discover extraordinary abilities and possibilities of the body and objects are at the heart of his artistic expression and source of motivation.
Redefining the Diabolo and translating the emerged qualities of Diabolo and Cyr wheel into different context are in the focus of his work.
After graduating 2018 from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, he produced and is touring his solo performance 'CYCLE'. His award winning act „Senses“ took him on a journey through 9 countries with over hundred shows.

Kolja Huneck

Kolja Huneck is circus author and performer from Munich, Germany and graduated in 2019 from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. Currently, the focus of his work and interests are on contemplative circus pieces and alternative dramaturgies that stimulate thoughts or provide ephemeral sensory impressions. His signature objects are vinyl records and self-developed disks. Besides working in the collective with Sawdust Symphony, he is touring his solo piece 'CM_30'.


Michael Zandl, David Eisele, Kolja Huneck

Lucho Smit, Darragh McLoughlin

Juliano Abramovay, Lasse Munk

Sanne Rosbag

Philipp Dünnwald, Michael Zandl

Roland Kumpl, Stephan Kalod, Casper van Overschee, Batist Van Baekel, Cecilia Rosso


Korzo (Mirjam Zwanenburg)

Federal Chancellery Republic of Austria, Dutch Ministry of Culture, Municipality of The Hague (NL)

Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof - Theater op de Markt, Le Palc - Pôle national cirque - Châlons-en-Champagne


Latitude 50 - Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue, Werkplaats Diepenheim, Dynamo - Workspace for circus and performing arts, La Transverse - Scène Ouverte aux Arts Publics, Gutsverwaltung Fischhorn, TENT

Christine & Josef Zandl, Batist van Baekel, Daniel Beiter, Birgit Haberkamp

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