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with David Eisele, Kolja Huneck and Michael Zandl from Sawdust Symphony

Giving everyday objects a new life: In this workshop, we will work with everyday objects and research their movement qualities and jugglability. From finding new circus and juggling vocabulary, to making small sequences, we will take the objects out of their usual context.

At the beginning of the creation process of Sawdust Symphony, we often browsed through construction stores, workshops and lumber rooms. Finding interesting qualities in objects all around the woodworking universe, was an exciting inspiration and toolkit for the creation. That's why we love to share our experiences and discover new findings and new objects with the participants.

If you sign up, please bring one or several objects, that you would like to research, experiment and create with during the two-hour workshop. For your own, the objects and everyone’s safety, please bring only objects that don’t break or destroy something when being thrown around and dropped.

impressions from the workshops in Bristol and Budapest

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